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Uninstalling FortiNAC (Bradford Persistent Agent)
How to uninstall FortiNAC on a PC or Mac. This should be completed after graduation.

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Remove FortiNAC - PC        Remove FortiNAC - Mac

Remove FortiNAC - PC

Step 1:Click the Windows button and select Settings

Step 2:
Click Apps.

Step 3:Type "fortinac" into the search bar and click FortiNAC Persistent Agent.

Step 4:
Click Uninstall

Step 5:Click Uninstall.

Remove FortiNAC - Mac

The FortiNAC software is saved in the Bradford Networks folder and may be called Bradford Persistent Agent on Mac devices.

Step 1:Open Library/Application Support/Bradford Networks/Persistent Agent and launch Uninstall

Step 2:Enter your username and password and click OK

Step 3: The FortiNAC Persistent Agent software will be removed from your Mac. 

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