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Assessment Overview - Digication E-Portfolio
The Digication Assessment Management System is a powerful component of the e-Portfolio.  It can be used to gather artifacts and evidence of course, program or college goals.
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Digication Assessment Management Assessment System - Video Playlist
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Overview of the Digication Assessment Management System

Mapping Standards to a Course or Assignment - How to Add Standards to a Course and Connect to a Rubric

Weighted rubrics are also supported. When creating a rubric, administrators can enter the weight percentage on a per-row basis within the rubric. The score will be automatically calculated when the rubric is graded. Learn more here:

Comments can also be added to rubrics on a per-row basis. All rubrics will contain entries for comments that, when saved, will appear underneath the score for the entire row. Learn more here:

Assignments Overview

Assignments Workflow - Faculty View
Assignments in Digication have "steps" the student or faculty complete.  There are four types of steps:
  • Evidence
  • Rubric
  • Reflection
  • Standard Correlation

Note: An Evidence Step is required and is usually the first step of an assignment workflow.  To gather course, program or college assessment data, a Standard Correlation Step should also be assigned.

Assignments Workflow - Student View

Assessment of Assignments - Faculty View

Reporting Features

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