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Options Missing - Jayweb
If you use IE to check JayWeb, you may notice that a few options are missing. For example, the "Student" menu is missing from the top of the screen. This is likely because compatibility view is on, and you will have to turn it off for the site to function properly.
Warning: Other sites may not display correctly with compatibility view off, JClock for example. See the steps to turn on compatibility view for those sites. 

You will notice the missing "Student" menu from the top of JayWeb when you log in:

Missing "Student" Menu

This is where you normally go to find all of your course, financial, and housing information. With this menu gone, you won't be able to access these options.

Solution:Follow the instructions to turn off compatibility view in IE 11. Once it is turned off, you will have access to the "Student" menu.  
"Student" Menu

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