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Thompson 105
Technology instructions for Thompson 105. If you experience any problems, call ext. 3333 or email the Help Desk at Please visit our web site at for additional information.
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Using the Podium Computer       Using the Document Camera       Using a Laptop Computer 
Connecting the HooverCam Hoovercam for Zoom  Shutting down the Projector

Using the Podium Computer

Step 1:Press the power button on the touch panel.

Step 2:Push the power button on the lectern Computer.

Step 3: Tap Lectern PC on the touch panel to send the screen to the projector.

Step 4:Use the volume silder on the right to adjust the volume.

Using the Document Camera

Step 1:Press the power button on the HooverCam.

Step 2:Tap Document Cam on the touch panel to project the HooverCam.

Using a Laptop Computer

Step 1Connect your laptop to the podium with either the HDMI cable their or the VGA cable.

Step 2:Tap either Laptop HDMI or Laptop VGA depending on what cable you used in step 1.

Step 3:Use the volume slider on the right ot adjust the volume.

Connecting the HooverCam to a Laptop:

Step 1: Make sure the orange USB cable is plugged into the HooverCam

Step 2: Plug that Same orange cable into your Laptop’s USB port.

Step 3: On the HooverCam screen, click the monitor Icon in the upper right hand side of the screen.

Step 4: Select the USB option.

Sharing the HooverCam on Zoom:

While in a call, select Video Settings and then choose HooverCam Ultra8 in the camera drop down.

Properly Turning Off the Projector

Step 1:

Turn off the projector by touching the POWER button on the left sidebar. You will be prompted, “Are you sure you want to power off the system?” Touch YES.

Step 2:

Turn the computer off by clicking on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, then select the Power Button symbol. Choose Shut Down.

Step 3:

If you want to turn on the projector again, give the machine several minutes to cool down before restarting the projector.

Warning: Do NOT turn off the Surge Protector!

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