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Mathematica - no longer licensing
Mathematica is a computer algebra software available for download by Etown students. 

Step 1:Visit the Wolfram User Portal. Click Create one.

Step 2:Enter your Etown email address and your other information. Use a different password than your Etown account's to protect your account.

Step 3:This window will pop up in your browser. Click OK.

Step 4:Enter your contact information. Click Submit.

Step 5:
This window will appear. Navigate to your Etown email.

Step 6:You should have received an email like this. Click the link to validate your account.

Step 7:Once your account has been validated, click sign in to access the software.
Please note that Mathematica accounts must be accepted by Etown, so there may be a delay until the next business day.

Step 8:Enter your account information and click Sign In.
Step 9:Click Products & Services.

Step 10:Click Get downloads, on the far right of the table.

Step 11:
Select Download in the row for your operating system. These instructions use Windows.

Step 12:Click Start Download.

Step 13:Click OK.

Step 14:
In your Downloads folder, double-click on
Step 15:Double-click setup.exe to begin installation.
Step 16:Click Run.

Step 17:Click Next to begin the setup wizard.

Step 18:Click Next.

Step 19:Click Next.

Step 20:Click Next.

Step 21:Click Install.

Step 22:Click Finish.

Step 23:Mathematica will open automatically. It will ask for your activation code.

Step 24:Go to your email again. Mathematica will have sent you an activation key. Copy the key.

Step 25:Paste your activation key. Click Activate.

Step 26:Once it has loaded your activation key, you will see the license agreement. Read through it and check I accept, then click OK.

Step 27:Mathematica is now installed and ready to use.

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