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Tips - iPhone
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  1. Take a screenshot: Taking a screenshot with iPhones is a snap. Simply hold down the power button and the home button and your screenshot will be saved to your camera roll. 
  2. Getting more out of the multitasking bar: Tapping the home button twice will bring up all your currently-running apps. If you slide up from the bottom of the screen, you'll get quick access to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode controls, the music player, the screen lock orientation, quick tools (flashlight, clock, calculator and camera) and volume control.
  3. Turn on airplane mode: If you're on a plane ride or just want to save some battery, turning on airplane mode is good because it will disable your phone's Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities but still let you watch movies, play games or listen to music. Go into your Settings and slide the "Airplane Mode" button to on, or simply tap the plane icon from the quick menu.
  4. Turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth: To turn on the iPhone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, go into your Settings and tap on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth menus. These will be the second and third options from the top, or simply tap the wireless and Bluetooth icons from the quick menu.
  5. Save battery life: The iPhone has pretty good battery life but you can always eek a bit more out of it by playing with your settings. Adjusting your brightness, disabling Bluetooth when not in use, changing your data fetch settings and not using GPS that often will do a lot to help your battery life. 
  6. Add a web page to your homescreen: Want quick access to a website on your home screen? It's a very simple thing to do on the iPhone. When you're browsing and come by a story or web app, simply tap the Go To icon at the bottom and then Add to Home Screen. 
  1. Take a photo from the lock screen: From the lock screen, swipe from the camera icon in the bottom right of the screen all the way to the top of the screen, and it will immediately launch the camera app. 
  2. Turn on Grid: The iPhone has an excellent camera but if you want a little assistance with your shooting, you can turn on the grid. This helps you follow the photographic rule of thirds easier and it can be turned on by opening Settings, selecting Photos and Camera, and scrolling down to find Grid. It can be toggled on or off.
  3. Turn on HDR: HDR mode allows your iPhone to quickly take three photos at once to create a single, better-looking photo. To turn this on, simply open the camera, and tap the HDR icon at the top of the screen. It will highlight orange when activated. 
  4. Edit your photos: Not even the best photographer always gets the perfect shot, so there's no shame in editing your pictures. Luckily, the iPhone comes with some built-in photo-editing software. To use this, take a photo, tap the Edit button and you'll be able to crop, auto enhance, remove red eyes and more. It will then be saved to your camera roll. 
  5. Take better shots: This is probably the one aspect that will take the most time to learn but it's definitely worth it. Basically, when you're taking photos with your iPhone, keep in mind the lighting, composition and angles.
  1. Rearrange your apps: The App Store is filled with thousands of fun programs but you may only want some on your main home screen. To rearrange apps, simply press your finger on an app for a few seconds until the icons start jiggling. You can then move the apps around. 
  2. Putting your apps into folders: If you like grouping your apps together, you'll be happy to know that you can easily put your iPhone apps into a folder. To do this, press and hold on an app until the icons start jiggling, then drag that app on another app. These will be placed into a folder that can be renamed. 
  3. Changing your dock apps: The four app on the bottom of your iPhone 4S are likely going to be used quite often, so make sure these are the ones you really want. In order to change these apps, press and hold on one of the icons in the dock until it jiggles and you can then move it and replace it with an app you want. 
  4. Rearrange your apps, again: Moving apps on your iPhone is pretty simple to do but it can be kind of a pain to move multiple apps to different home screen. One simple workaround: build a folder with apps you want to move onto a different home screen, place it in the dock and then move that folder onto the screen you want those apps on. 
  5. Delete an app: Not every app on the iPhone is a winner, so it's nice that deleting apps is a breeze. To delete an app, press and hold an app icon until it jiggles and there will be a small "X" on the corner of apps that can be deleted. Tap that X, confirm you want to delete the app and it will be gone. 
Notifications, Sounds
  1. Quickly mute your device: Heading into a meeting or just don't want to be disturbed? The iPhone lets you quickly mute your device by sliding the mute switch on the side of the phone. 
  2. Access your music from the lock screen: If you're like me, you use your iPhone to play a lot of music on the go but you don't always need to unlock it to just change tracks. To access your music controls without unlocking the device, simply slide up from the bottom all the way to the top on the lock screen and your controls will come up. 
  3. Control your notifications: Having push notifications can be nice but it can also get a little overwhelming once you've installed a lot of apps. If you want control over which apps can get to your notification bar on the iPhone, simply go into the Settings, tap on Notifications and then you can manually control how the apps notify you. 
  4. Set your own tones: The iPhone lets you create a specific tone for specific events, so you can have one sound for a Tweet, one sound for a calendar notice and another sound for a message from a specific contact. To get into this, go in Settings, tap Sounds and then assign a tone to each notification. 
  1. Secure your phone: While putting a security code and restrictions can be kind of a pain, it does make your iPhone  more secure. For one, you should definitely set up a passcode and you can also back up your iPhone using iCloud or by plugging it into your computer. Tapping on Settings and then Passcode will get you access to the Passcode Lock and you'll also be able to set up other Restrictions on apps. 
  2. Encrypt your data: You can encrypt the data of your iPhone when you're backing up thanks to iTunes. When you're plugged in and iTunes opens up, there will be an option in in the iPhone summary page that says "Encrypt iPhone backup." Click on this and then pump in your password and you'll have a secure backup. 
  3. Find your lost iPhone: Turning on the Find My iPhone feature may help you get back a lost iPhone. When you first set up your iPhone, enable Find My iPhone. That way if you lose it, you'll be able to track it on a map, send it messages and remotely wipe the device. 
Master your keyboard
  1. Use voice dictation: Why waste your time pecking away when you can just speak to your iPhone? Instead of typing your message, you can use a function of Siri to dictate for you. Simply bring up the keyboard, tap the microphone button near the space bar, speak into it and your message should be typed for you. 
  2. Add more to your messages: Like on the iPad, the iPhone lets you add Emoji Emoticons. To do this, go to Settings, tap on General, then Keyboard, then Keyboards, and tap Add New Keyboard. From here, you can choose Emoji and international keyboards, and you'll be able to add a ton of fun little characters. 
  3. Quickly erase the text: Have you ever just written something and want to immediately get rid of it? Instead of holding down the delete button, simply shake your device back and forth. You'll then be given the choice to delete your text. 
  4. Change your signature: Sure, "Sent from my iPhone" may have been cool in 2007 but it's pretty easy to personalize your email signature on the iPhone. To do this, go into Settings, then Mail and then Signature. Erase the standard message there and then put in whatever you want. 
  5. Keyboard tricks: The iPhone also has a bunch of quick tricks on the keyboard. For example, when you tap the space bar twice, it will put a period in what you're typing and then capitalize the next word. You can also touch and hold letters to reveal lists of special characters. 

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