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Install ViewMail - Cisco
Use Cisco ViewMail to manage voicemail from Outlook 2010. This is not available to Mac OS based computers. It is also not yet available for use with Outlook 2013.

Step 1:Check the bit version of Outlook 2010. Open Outlook and click the File tab. Select Help. The bit version is listed under About Microsoft Outlook (it will be either 32 or 64). You may close Outlook. 
Outlook Bit Version
Step 2:Double click on Computer on the desktop. 
Double Click Computer
Step 3:Open Apps (\\Applications) (N:) from the network drives. 
Open Apps
Step 4:Double click Cisco Phone Apps
Cisco Phone Apps
Step 5:Double click Cisco ViewMail for Outlook.
Cisco ViewMail for Outlook
Step 6:Double click setup
Step 7:Open the appropriate folder for the bit version of Outlook that you checked in Step 1. 
Select Folder for Bit Version
Step 8:Double click ENU
Step 9:Right click on setup.exe. Select Run as administrator
Right Click Setup, Run as Administrator
Step 10:If prompted, enter your username and password. Step 11:Click Install
Click InstallNote: If Outlook is checked, you selected the wrong bit version in step 7. 
Outlook is Checked
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