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Hold and Private Printing
When sending sensitive documents to the copier, you can submit the job to be held at the Toshiba copier until you release the job. Private printing requires a password, hold printing does not. 
For instructions on logging in on the copiers, see Copier Login.

Step 1:
Select the copier normally from whichever program you wish to print (this example uses Microsoft Word).  Then click Printer Properties next to the copier name.
Printer Properties
Step 2:In the Print Job area, choose Private Print or Hold Print and click OK
Step 3:If you chose Private Print, enter the password for the print job. 
Step 4:Continue printing normally.

To retrieve the Job:

Step 1:
Log-in to the copier.Step 2:Press Print.

Step 3:In the Job Type area, choose Private or Hold to match your job type. Select the job(s) to print, choose Select All to print all Private or Hold jobs. Choose Print.
Step 4:If printing a Private job, enter the password you set at your computer. 

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