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Hold Retention
When sending sensitive documents to the copier, you can submit the job with a password.  This will hold the job at the copier until you enter the password.
Step 1:Select the copier normally from whichever program you wish to print (this example uses Microsoft Word).  Then click Printer Properties next to the copier name.
Printer Properties
Step 2:1 - Click on the Job tab.
2 - Click to check the box below the Job Storage option.
3 - Choose Job storage from the menu. You can specify the access code (password) in this screen, or click the check box at Prompt for access code to enter it in a separate screen later.
4 - Click OK.
Numbers are generally easier for the access when retrieving the job.
Step 3:Continue printing normally.

To retrieve the Job:

Step 1:
Log-in to the copier.Step 2:Press Job Box.

Step 3:Select Private Print/Stored Job, then press Open.
Step 4:Select your name from the list and press Open.
Step 5:Select the job you submitted and press Print.
Step 6:Enter the password.

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