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FortiClient Installation
FortiClient is Etown's antivirus solution. Instructions for installing FortiClient software on student PCs and Macs. 
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FortiClient for PCs         FortiClient for Macs

FortiClient for PCs

Step 1:Go to and scroll down to Step 3 to find the download link for FortiClient. Step 2:Download and run the Windows installer.
Step 3:A windows defender pop-up will appear, click More info.
Step 4:Click Run anyway.

Step 5:
Check the box to the left of "Yes, I have read and accept the" and click Next.
Step 6:
Click Next.
Step 7:Click Install.
Step 8: FortiClient will install, the installation process may take up to 15 minutes. 
Step 9:You will be asked to Restart your PC, save and close any programs running and then click Ok.

To disable notifications from FortiClient, check out this article.

FortiClient for Macs

Step 1:Go to and scroll down to Step 3 to find the download link for FortiClient.
Step 2:Download and run the Macintosh installer.
Step 3:Click Install.mpkg.
Step 4:Click Continue.

Step 5:Click Continue.

Step 6:Click Agree.

Step 7:Click Install.

Step 8:If prompted, enter your User Name and Password. Click Install Software.

Step 9:FortiClient will install. Click Close.

See the FortiClient Permissions on Macs page for assistance providing full disk access to FortiClient.

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