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Fake Antivirus Programs - Windows
If you see a pop-up that your computer is infected, prompting you to install an antivirus program, don’t be fooled and DON’T CLICK anything. You have encountered scareware and your computer may already be infected.
Warning: You only have to click once inside the scareware window for your computer to become infected. Don't click anything. Instead, press [Alt] + [F4] to shut down the window and browser.

Fake Antivirus Program

The fake warning may masquerade as Antivirus Vista, Vista Antispyware, Vista Guardian, Vista Antivirus Pro or XP AntiSpyware among others. All are the same type of scareware. Their goal is to get your money by frightening you into buying their program. The pop-ups look so believable that even people who should know better click inside the pop-up window or buy the program.

If you have bought the fake antivirus program, immediately call your credit card to dispute the charges, cancel your credit card and change all your passwords.

If you believe that your personal information has been compromised or if you have any questions, come in to the ITS Help Desk in Nicarry 127 or email us at

Malwarebytes is a good program that finds and deletes scareware.

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