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Encrypt PDF Files - Adobe Acrobat Pro
You can encrypt PDF files using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. This allows you to put a password on these files for added security. To open the file, you must have the password. This will also work in Acrobat X Pro.

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Step 1:Open your PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.Step 2:Click the Tools menu in the upper left corner. 

Step 3:
Scroll down and click Protect

Step 4:
Click Encrypt, then 2 Encrypt with Password

Step 5:
Click Yes to allow the change in security.  

Step 6:Check Require a password to open the document. Type the password in the box.
Step 7:Check if you want to restrict editing and printing of the document. You can add a separate password for these features.

Step 8:

Choose your encryption settings, including compatibility and document components to encrypt, then click OK.

Step 9:

Enter the password you set to open the document. Click OK.

Step 10:
Click OK.
Step 11:
Enter the password you set to edit and print the document. Click OK.
 Step 12:
You will be notified that you have to save the document for changes to apply. Click OK, and be sure to save the file.

For more information, visit this Hoonuit video.

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