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Dash and Dot Robots - Innovation Lab
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Dash and Dot are educational robots created by the company Wonder Workshop. They are designed to help younger children develop a better understanding of how computer programming and robotics work. They'll teach basic programming concepts like the mechanics of a computer, program syntax, loops, command sequences, and more. Use the iPad apps to control Dash and Dot to make them move around, light up, and even talk to you!

Dash is a bit more versatile than Dot. Dash can light up, talk to you, and move around. The main difference between Dash and Dot is movement.


Dot is a little more limited than Dash in terms of capabilities. Dot can light up and talk to you, but cannot move around like Dash can.

For more information on Dash and Dot, visit Wonder Workshop's website:

Smartphone/Tablet Apps

Dash and Dot can both be controlled by these five iPad Apps:


Go is a great app to start with when learning how to use Dash and Dot. This app primarily focuses on movement, voice, and lighting.

Tap the Movement Tab to access Dash's driver controls. Use the joystick (1) to control where Dash moves. The dial to the right of the movement joystick controls Dash's speed. The mover (2) controls where Dash's head moves.

Tap the Speaker Tab on the right side of the screen to access sounds producible by either Dash or Dot. 

Tap either of the Lighting Tabs to access the lighting controls. The left side controls the light ring around Dash or Dot's eye, and the right side controls the side/crest lights.


Unlike Go, Blockly delves more into the coding side of the robots. This app uses drag-and-drop style commands to introduce basic programming concepts, such as command sequences, conditional statements, and loops. You can complete different levels, or use the free-play mode.

Select from a list of Commands in the left-hand margin.

Choose a command that you would like to use

Drag the command onto the work plane. Connect commands like puzzle pieces. Dash will follow these commands in sequential order.


Wonder is similar to Blockly in the sense that its primary focus is to teach basic concepts of coding.
Explore Scroll Quest (1), which is a type of campaign mode that allows you to complete a variety of different tasks to unlock new commands, or use Free Play mode (3) to make your own codes using the commands you've unlocked in Scroll Quest. Use the Inventor's Log (2) to view your progress as well as see all the commands that you've unlocked.

Pick your own path and explore all of the different challenges and tasks that Scroll Quest has to offer.

Learn various concepts of coding such as loops, conditionals, and algorithm design.


Xylo is the app to make Dash play songs on the xylophone.

Program songs for Dash to play by inputting notes onto the xylophone.

Setting Up the XylophoneAttach the xylophones to the sides of Dash using the connector rings on the xylophone. The wheel underneath the xylophone should rest on the ground when the xylophone is properly in place.

The xylophone should look like this when properly attached.

Connect the arm to the left side of Dash's head using the connector ring on the arm.

The arm should look like this when properly attached.


Path is another App that introduces basic concepts of coding.

Program Dash to follow a specific path, having him follow several different types of commands along the way.

Play through different levels and tasks to unlock new commands for Dash.


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