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Create Course - Digication E-Portfolio
Faculty should create courses in Digication to have students submit assignments so that data can automatically be gathered for course, program and college assessment initiatives.
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Creating a New Course   
Setting a Course as Self-Enroll  
Copying Course Assignments from an Existing Course   

Creating a New Course

Step 1: Click the Create button under the My Courses section of the Digication home screen.Step 2: Type the name of the course, add a description, and customize the availability dates of the course.

Create New Course
Step 3: Click the Create button.
Customize Setting so Students Can Self-Enroll in the Course

 Step 1:
Select the newly created course under the My Courses section of the Digication home screen.

Select Course
Step 2: Under the Settings tab, select User Access.  Check off the check box so students can self-enroll in the course and then click Save.

Settings, User Access, Self Enroll

Copying Course Assignments from an Existing Course

Step 1: Create the new course as you normally would, making sure the course has a new name and URL.  Adding the semester (ie. Fall 2013) is helpful so you can differentiate between courses.Step 2: When you are ready to add assignments, go to your new course and click the Settings tab.

Settings Tab
Step 3: Under Administration, click Import.

Settings, Import
Step 4: You'll see a list of all the courses to which you have faculty access. Click the title of the course from which you want to import content. Step 5: You'll see a list of content that you can import. Make sure Assignments and Standards are checked and click Import.

Check Assignments and Standards, Import

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