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Add Information - Access
How to add information in the form of a table to a database that you just created. This example uses a blank database as opposed to a database from a template. The process is the same, however the screenshots may be different. This works In Access 2016, 2013, and 2010.

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Create Table Edit Table  Video

Create Table

Step 1: Open the newly created database in Access. Step 2: Click the Home tab. Select the View dropdown list on the far left side of the ribbon. 

Step 3: Choose Design View.
Step 4: The table will appear in Design View. The Field Name is the heading of the column. Name your fields accordingly. 

Enter Field Names
Step 5: Select the Data Type for each field, based on the type of data you will be entering in that field. 

Select Data Type for Each Field
Step 6: Enter field descriptions if you would like. 

Enter Field Descriptions
Step 7: To view the table and begin adding data, select the Home tab and click the View dropdown list. Choose Datasheet View, which was the original view of this database.
Step 8: Click Yes to save the table.
Step 9:
The table will open with the field names as the column headings. You can begin to enter data in the table. 

Table Opens, Begin Entering Data

Edit Table

Step 1: Open your database containing your table in Access. 

Open Database
Step 2: Adjust the width of the columns by placing your cursor between two field names on the table. Click and drag to the desired width. 

Adjust Column Width
Step 3: To edit a field name, right click on the heading and select Rename Field.

Right Click on Field, Select Rename Field
Step 4: To add a new field, go back into Design View and enter the field name, data type, and description.  Design View to Add New Field

For more information, visit this Hoonuit video.

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